Saturday, October 20, 2012


I did not have to work today.  I attended the fall festival at our little town, Piedmont, Alabama.  It is an old town.  I had a really good time, I saw a lot of people I had not seen in a long time, ate some goodies and enjoyed some music.  The town was road blocked off from traffic and you just walked down the streets with no worries about cars.  We had antique cars and tractors, some very pretty ones and some very loud ones. My friend's husband is in a car club and they were a lot of old cars there, there were old things, new things and things being made.  It was a beautiful day weather wise.  It was good just to hang out and do nothing. I saw a few of my cousins and their children.  I thought to myself, the very day you could sleep late, you get up early, oh well, don't need to sleep my life away.  The vendor that impressed me the most I suppose was the guy that had the leather booth.  He was very good at his trade and young also.  My cousin made sweet potato biscuits, they were very good.  She loves to cook, her husband grilled bacon on a stick and covered it with syrup, it was some good eating. It was just a blessed day. I hope everyone has had a good day, and may everyone be blessed.  God loves you and me too. Out little town is at the foothills of several mountains.The trees are beautiful in color this year.

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