Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Today is my anniversary. I had a lot of things planned but it is not going to happen. Did not rest last night so feel bad today.  I have been married 42 years to the person who stole my heart. When we first met, he did not like me and I did not like him.  I suppose we were just trying to fool ourselves. We were married in a little ole country church in Alabama. The name of the church is Exie Cong. Holiness Church, it has been remodeled since we married and is a beautiful church. Our wedding was just a simple one but pretty.My Mom told me that my Dad cried most all day that day, you see he loved me a lot and I miss him so much.  He and Roy became friends as the years rolled along. Our first home was a very small trailor. We lived in Piedmont. Chris was born while we lived in the trailor. We had friends that lived beside us that had a child about the same age as Chris. These two boys went to school together and played football with each other. We still remain friends to this day with the people next door to us.  They still live in Piedmont, we live on the outskirts of town.Our life together has not been a bed of roses, but we have survived a lot of heartache, pain and fun.  We have always done things together, rode crazy horses, camped, went coon hunting with him once and did not ever go again, I am afraid of the dark and you hunt coon at night, I thought I had to help him do whatever it was he did and I still do feel like this but he says sometimes I just get in the way.  His new adventure is quail I suppose, he has a few and our son has a lot., I try to help with the care of these little birds but have decided they dont need my help, Our Granddaughter sometimes helps them.  We have several goats a min. horse and mule, a few chickens and rabbits, I love watching the animals. It seems like we have always had animals to care for. Last year we had a lot of chickens but finally sold down to now just a few.  All in all life has treated us fair. I hope to grow old with Roy and see our Grandchildren's weddings and such.  They have helped us thru some tough times.  We love them so much. They live just next door. May the good Lord bless you this day Oct. 10th 2012., as he has blessed us so much.

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  1. I had no idea that y'all started out in a trailer...and there is no way I'd be going coon hunting! Grand-children weddings is a wonderful thing to look forward too. Hope you are feeling better real soon!!